How many times have you eaten a delicious meal, only to feel weighted down, guilty, saddled with acid reflux, bloated and just miserable? That’s how it’s done when you subscribe to the typical western diet, and we all know it too well. A balanced diet is important, and the word ‘balanced’ might also make you think about acidic foods vs alkaline foods. It’s not like acidic foods and beverages are all bad for you, but an alkaline diet is definitely a popular choice these days.

One of the most popular diets that many people take is the low carbohydrate diet. Although this diet does have benefits and can work, a number of its followers are turning to the alkaline diet. People choose the alkaline diet because they want the same benefits, especially losing weight and healing troublesome diseases such as digestion problems.

The question we face here on this site is whether an alkaline diet is a good choice for athletes? What is the common opinion on an alkaline diet for athletic performance? If it is good, then any athlete would want to incorporate this new health trend into his regime. But there are several things about doing an alkaline diet that still make athletes doubtful about following it.

An alkaline diet for athletic performance enhancement is one of the popular ideas. When it comes to athletics, you’re on the move. You need the energy to perform, and your stomach doesn’t need to be bloated. You don’t want all that acidic food causing acid reflux. Now, have you heard of alkaline ash? This is a big thing when it comes to studying this type of diet. There is no secret that eating an alkaline diet can be beneficial.

Protein ShakeAthletes know that eating protein is important for building strong muscles and improving performance. The image of an athlete is a person who eats raw eggs, chicken breasts, and downs protein shakes in one sitting. Even the author of Fat Diminisher, a popular alkaline diet program, does intensive workouts Many amateur people follow this consumption pattern, thinking that protein is the key to building muscle and becoming strong.

But there is a different opinion that says muscle building is mostly determined by how an athlete trains. Would you believe that a high-protein diet is not the most important thing to consider? It’s true when we think about it this way: no matter how much protein we eat, we still have to train in the gym to build muscle and become lean.

Tom Venuto, fitness expert and author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, says that many athletes overestimate the amount of protein they need. If you train enough, at the gym or at home, then you might not need as much protein as you think.

Building strong muscle and bones can be done without having to eat a high amount of protein. There are studies that show eating too much protein can cause bone and muscle mass reduction (read this article). The process happens because:

  • When we eat too much protein, our body becomes acidic
  • The body withdraws alkaline minerals from our bones
  • The body releases glutamine by breaking down muscle tissue

This process prevents our body from becoming over acidic, but it reduces muscle and bone strength. An alkaline diet has the same purpose of preventing our body from becoming too acid. Therefore, such a diet can be beneficial for athletes and improve athletic performance.

Not only do you feel physically prepared when you are eating an alkaline diet, but you will also be mentally prepared for sports as well. If you’re trying to lose weight, the alkaline diet can help with that, too. Athletes are also too familiar with aching bodies, and that is another thing that an alkaline diet is supposed to help with.

One thing to note is that athletes have a different nutritional need than other people. If you are going to do an alkaline diet, make sure you increase the calorie and protein intake. Increasing the protein intake makes sure that your muscles get enough protein and energy for when you train. By designing a good alkaline diet, you can improve your performance and achieve peak physical health.

If you’re going to try an alkaline diet for athletic performance enhancement, you are definitely excited about the benefits mentioned so far. An alkaline diet is also supposed to help keep athletes healthy in general. One thing you don’t want to be is sick if you’re trying to perform on the field. So what do you say? If you’re an athlete, are you ready to try out an alkaline diet?