There are a number of ways that athletes can train and workout without lifting weights or requiring a gym membership. Strength training, for instance, can be done without needing the use of fitness equipment and machines normally found in a gym or the use of dumbbells. There are a lot of exercises you can do at home without weights that can help you build muscle, be stronger, and have a better figure.

Examples of these at home workouts are

  • Swimming (If you have a pool of course)
  • Dancing
  • Aerobics, among others

Not to mentions that some of the most effective exercises in existence are bodyweight exercises (calisthenics) and there’s plenty of ways to progress those at home without the need for weights.

Below are some of the most common cardio workouts you can do at home that will help you develop lean muscles and gain strength without weight lifting.

What to include in your at home workouts

Now when it comes to doing cardio at home, Steve Holman is the man of the hour. He’s a writer at Iron Man magazine and has sold e-books that have taught thousands of people how to do awesomely effective and simple cardio workouts from the comfort of their home with little to no equipment.

He’s developed his personal workout that has helped thousands of people lose fat. Let’s just say the guy knows his stuff when it comes to at home workouts especially in the strength training department.

Now for most people his workouts should suffice as both cardio and strength training because they’re pretty intense and very effective. But for guys that want that extra muscle building edge I suggest adding some extra lifting throughout the week. Now, if you can’t yet begin the Old School New Body program made by Steve and just want to get started now, here’s some simple suggestions for cardio workouts you can do at home starting today:

Shadow Boxing – Warm up by doing some progressively more intense punching for 3-5 minutes while moving around (don’t just stay in place, move). After you’ve warmed up do some intervals by going all out with straight cross punches with all your energy and might for 1 minute followed by 1-2 minutes of slower and less intense shadow boxing/footwork. Knock out 5-8 of these intervals/”rounds” depending on your fitness level and you’ll be wiped out and melting fat in no time.

Dancing – Dancing is a great passive way of trimming some fat while still having fun. If you’re up for it I recommend something with some footwork like break dancing, house dancing, salsa or, merengue because those tend to jolt your heart rate more than other forms of dance. You can find tons of dance tutorials at Youtube.

Step Aerobics – I’m personally not the biggest fan of step aerobics but if you’re a Jane Fonda fan then feel free to add step aerobics into your at home workout.

Running – I know you can’t run at home! Well you can, but that’d be odd. But it doesn’t require a gym and all you need are a pair of shoes two feet and the road ahead. The only problem I have with it is that most people that run for more than a few years consistently almost always develop some type of injury and very few ever stick with it past that because it just becomes hurtful to their bodies. So I suggest trying other things although running is great to get you started on your path to fitness and seriously… nothing feels better than the feeling you get after a good run. At first it sucks but once you’ve been running for a while it’s almost addictive.

Strength Training – I suggest something as simple doing 2 sets of max pushups, pull ups, and squats Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Throw in 2 sets of planks in there two for good measure and that’s a whole body at home workout in the flesh right there. I know the strength training is almost too simple but I can only give you general guidelines seeing as I don’t know who’s behind the screen reading this right now.

Cellulite affects almost everyone to varying degrees. Even female athletes and women who exercise regularly can still be afflicted with cellulite. Cellulite can become a problem if it is very noticeable or makes you feel self-conscious. There are a few things you should know about sports against cellulite that help you reduce the unpleasant appearance of it.

Cellulite appears when fat is trapped just under the surface of the skin. It is often associated with weight gain but the truth is that you can get cellulite even though you are not overweight. Cellulite is difficult to get rid of because exercising will help your body burn fat reserves but working out might not target the fat that is stored directly under the surface of your skin.

Several things that affect the appearance of cellulite include:

1. Exercise. Exercising can help if you have cellulite. There are different factors that make you more likely to have cellulite, including poor circulation and a lack of muscle tone. Exercising regularly will help you tone your muscles, burn more fat and should improve your circulation. This is why being more active will make a difference if you have cellulite.

2. Hormones. Hormones are another important factor that influence cellulite. It is not uncommon to see cellulite appear when hormonal levels are lower. This is a common side effect of aging and cellulite is actually a natural thing. Being more active can help restore hormonal levels and reduce the appearance of cellulite besides preventing more cellulite from appearing.

3. Body weight. Being overweight can make cellulite a lot more noticeable. If you need to lose some weight, you need to make some changes to your diet and find an exercise regimen that is adapted to your needs. Have a look at this Beta Switch review. You will find that your cellulite becomes less noticeable as you start losing weight. Getting rid of your excess weight should also prevent more cellulite from appearing.

You can get better results by targeting the areas where cellulite is noticeable. You might for instance have noticeable cellulite in your upper thighs, your arms or your midsection. Losing weight in these areas and doing exercises that will tone your muscles such as weight lifting will help you get rid of cellulite.

Doing sports against cellulite can really make a difference. There are other methods you can use to get rid of cellulite, such as using topical creams or even using surgical procedures to remove the fat stored under your skin. However, exercising is very important and you will not get good results if you decide to use other techniques to get rid of cellulite without exercising.

You can get rid of cellulite by making a few changes to your habits. Exercising regularly will make a difference since it will help you burn fat, tone your muscles and help you reach a healthier weight. Being more active will make cellulite less noticeable and prevents more cellulite from appearing.

You should meet with a dermatologist to talk about your other options if exercising alone is not enough to make your cellulite less noticeable. You might find that a combination of exercising and using a topical cream help you eliminate cellulite for good.