Tapping Solution – The Secret to Enhance Sports Performance?

Professional sports is very competitive. Each athlete, coach, and team are always looking for the next slight advantage that can give them the winning edge. They search for new technology, science, peak performance techniques, and other tools that can help them play with greater strength and stamina.

One tool that is getting more attention from professional athletes is Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, also known as Tapping. When athletes are at the top of their game, they are in peak physical and mental strength. Maintaining this strength isn’t easy though, and there’s always the risk of getting an injury or losing a game that can greatly affect their performance.

Tapping for sports performance helps to maintain that mental toughness. Tapping can help athletes to stay at their peak level or return to that level after they sustain an injury. Tapping works to heal both physical injuries and also mental burdens that happen when a player suddenly loses their performance.

The way Tapping works is by tapping on particular acupuncture points in the body. Acupuncture uses needles that not everyone likes, but Tapping only requires using fingers to tap on the body. Tapping on the body while focusing on the injury or anxiety while saying certain positive words can have a great effect to heal and renew the physical and mental state.

Here is a video where Stacey Vornbrock uses Tapping to overcome sports performance blocks:

When an athlete uses Tapping to heal an injury, they heal both the physical and mental-emotional part of the injury. Tapping helps to clear the energy path in the body so the body’s healing capabilities can work to the fullest extent. This process helps to accelerate the time it takes to heal. It also clears the energy path in the emotional system so that we are no longer controlled by deep, negative feelings.

Some athletes rely on specific ‘rituals’ to get their mind in the right state before a game. With Tapping, athletes can prime their mental condition quickly and efficiently without using many resources. They can free themselves from being stuck in a mental trap caused by past performance or injuries. Several EFT practitioners focus on helping athletes to clear their physical and mental states before a game.

Tapping also works on a team level. One Tapping session with a high-school girl’s basketball team found that there were individual issues each player had that affected their performance as a team. Tapping helped them to overcome issues about performance anxiety when playing in front of families or against a strong opponent. A benefit that came to the surface while doing group Tapping was that the sense of team unity became stronger after several sessions of Tapping together.

This group of high-school female basketball players improved their performance after Tapping. They were able to improve their free throw shooting by as much as 87%, and win more often than in the previous season. There are many other examples that show the success of Tapping, for football players, golf players, and baseball, among others. They improve their performance, score, win ratio, and most importantly, their satisfaction at giving their best in a game.

Tapping isn’t beneficial only for sports, but also for other areas of life, such as finance. It shows that Tapping is a great tool to improve the quality of our lives, especially if you are an athlete wanting to be better.