Succeed in Sports with Creative 15 Minute Visualization Techniques

Imagine winning an important sporting match. Imagine being the winner instead of the loser. Imagine taking home a trophy or a gold medal. How good would that feel?

What if you simply want to improve your backhand in tennis? Don’t you want to see yourself doing the best one ever? Maybe you want to run that 5k marathon and move on to a Triathalon a year from now. Whatever your athletic goals are, visualization is something that can assist you with improving your sports skills and achieving new heights in your endeavors.

There are many Olympic athletes that make use of visualization to win gold medals. There are many accounts online of people like Michael Phelps who used guided imagery to achieve phenomenal wins and medals over their athletic careers. It is something that really works.

What is Visualization?

This is a practice where a person uses images of positive outcomes in conjunction with their goals to make them a reality. When applied by an athlete, creative visualization can be a great tool for overcoming insecurities, doubts, and anxieties.

These images impress the subconscious mind with intentions for winning. The subconscious mind does not know how to argue what it is being told. It only serves to carry out the intentions a person has based on the images it is provided.

As far as sports go, creative visualization is almost as important as all the physical training athletes put themselves through. In order for it to work you must repeatedly imagine in great detail everything that you want to achieve. The greater the detail, the more the mind can work to carry out your intentions.

Of course, physical training is something that cannot be left out. Some athletes find that they improve their visualization sessions by acting out various movements. For example, the tennis professional will mentally vision themselves winning a match while lobbing an imaginary tennis ball with an imaginary racket. It helps the athlete practice their technique physically as well as mentally.

One of the best advantages of visualization for athletes is that they can overcome anxiety. Think of athletes who play professional sports. They have to function precisely and successfully often in front of massive crowds. The cheering may be helpful at times but sometimes it can throw a person’s focus off. This is where repeated visualization practices can come in handy.

They will have imagined overcoming any distractions or circumstances that cause anxiety. They will have worked to overcome the chance of failing to succeed at their goal.

How to Visualize Your Own Success

What is the outcome you want? Picture it. See it unfold. If you experience any doubt or negativity, simply stop the thought and visualize the outcome you want again, like explained here.

Be sure to use all of your senses. See what is going on in front of you. Hear the sound of the baseball bat or the crowd. Smell the grass or the ocean or whatever else may be around you when you compete. Be sure to visualize consistently and you can become a winner!